Electrical Power Transducer

For Substation, Generation and Feeder Monitoring Applications

Electrical Power Transducer
Manufactured and Tested in the United States of America

TransData has been a leading manufacturer of utility-grade power measuring transducers for SCADA and energy management applications since our company was founded in 1969. TransData power transducer designs are precision engineered to exacting standards utilizing superior grade materials and components to ensure maximum accuracy, stability and long-term reliability for utilization in demanding real-world operating conditions. TransData power transducers feature utility specified steel enclosures, standardized mounting footprint and high- current capacity terminal barriers.

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Product Highlights:
  • Ideal for distribution substation, generation and feeder monitoring applications
  • Provides real-time analog signals to SCADA and energy management systems
  • 0-1mA, ±1mA, 4-20mA and pulse output models available
  • -20°C to +70°C Rated Operating Range
  • Best-in-Class ±0.2% and ±0.1% accuracy class models available
  • 5000 Volts “Industry Best” Surge Withstand Capability
  • Standardized pin-for-pin direct replacement for other brands
Standard Models In-Stock for Immediate Shipment:
  • Current Transducers
  • Voltage Transducers
  • Watt Transducers
  • Var Transducers
  • Watt/Var Transducers
  • DC Voltage Transducers
  • Frequency Transducers
  • Power Factor Transducers
  • Phase Angle Transducers
  • Neutral Current Transducers

Distribution Substation, Generation and Industrial Applications

TransData power transducers are used in a variety of Distribution and Transmission Substations,
Generation and Industrial applications for measuring various AC and DC power quantities
and providing real-time analog signals and/or KYZ pulse data to drive SCADA,transfuser
Energy Management Systems, and driving panel instruments.

Determining the Number of Elements

An element is a circuit that accepts voltage and current signals, and
creates an output signal representing power. The number of elements
required is 1 less than the number of wires delivering power from the
source to the load.
• 1 Element : 1 phase, 2 wire
• 2 Elements: 3 phase, 3 wire
• 2.5 Elements: 3 phase, 4 wire Delta
• 3 Elements: 3 phase, 4 wire WYE

Available Output Options

• 0-1mA: Represents unidirectional quantities like voltage and current
• +1mA: Bidirectional quantities like watts and VARs that can flow in forward and reverse directions. Positive values
(0 to +1mA) represent delivered power. Negative values (-1 to 0mA) represent received power.sample wiring
• 4-20mA: also used for bidirectional quantities, with 12mA being the zero value. DC milliamp signals above 12mA
(12to 20mA) indicate delivered power, and signals below 12mA (4 to 12mA) represent received power

Calibrating Watts and VARs

The calibrating watts or VARs indicates the full-scale watt or VAR value that is equal to the upper limit of the mA output. Example: If the full scale calibrating watts is 1000 for a +1mA output, then a 1mA output represents 1000 delivered watts.
Custom Scaling

TransData offers a variety of custom configurations to match exactly the scaling needs of your application. This can be notated in the transducer model number with a “-xxxx” to indicate the custom calibrating watt value.

Popular Transducer Models
• EWRS500: Watt/VAR Transducersonline ordering instructions
• PS501: Voltage Transducers
• CS501: Current Transducers
• 10ID70X: DC Voltage Substation Battery Monitor
• HS900: Frequency Transducer
• PA500: Phase Angle Transducer

The Trusted Source for Superior Utility-Grade
Transducers since 1969. TransData is a leading manufacturer of innovative solid-state energy meters, power transducers and demand recorder products for the utility marketplace. With extensive energy metering experience spanning five decades, TransData offers best-of-class products and support that enables our customers to more efficiently measure, manage and communicate energy data. TransData power transducers are used in a variety of Distribution Substation, Generation and Industrial applications for measuring various AC and DC power quantities and providing real-time analog signals and/or KYZ pulse data to drive SCADA and Energy Management Systems.

TransData power transducers are precision engineered to exacting standards utilizing the finest materials and components to provide superior accuracy and long-term reliability performance. Our transducers are direct pin-for-pin wiring compatible with other brands and feature a utility specified steel enclosure with standardized mounting footprint.

When you specify TransData transducers for your next project, you’re getting the absolute best quality and value available in the marketplace.

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