Mark Five Energy Meter

MARK-V Energy Meter

The TransData MARK-V is an advanced, revenue certified solid-state polyphase energy meter offering best-of-class features and functionality for Distribution Substation, Transmission Grid, Generation and Commercial-Industrial revenue meter applications. Advanced capabilities include Load Profiling Recorder, DNP/Modbus SCADA Communications; Ethernet connectivity, Wireless AMR and more

Model 2130 Portable Automated Test Bench

Model 2130 Portable Automated Meter Test Bench

The TransData Model 2130 is the most advanced and complete portable meter test bench available for performing onsite accuracy testing and certification of polyphase transformer-rated revenue energy meters. The Model 2130 features an internal high-accuracy multifunction standard with built-in current and voltage sources that generate precision test signals for accurate and repeatable test results.

SSR-6000 Solid-State Demand Recorder

SSR-6000 Solid-State Demand Recorder

The TransData SSR-6000 is a Load Profiling Interval Pulse Data Recorder used for recording and profiling pulse data received from electricity, gas and/or water meters. The SSR-6000 features a cover-mounted optical port and remote communications via integrated digital cellular, ethernet, telephone modem or RS232 communications options; and includes totalizing capability for aggregated metering applications. LCD display model with detailed annunciator for onsite data viewing is available.


Electrical Power Transducers

Manufactured for utilities since 1969, TransData Power Transducers are used for measuring AC and DC power variables in Substation, Generation, Load Control and Industrial applications where ±1ma or 4-20mA analog signal are required by the SCADA/Energy Management System. Models are available for measuring Current, AC Voltage, DC Battery Voltage, Watts, VARs, Frequency and more.


Metering Pulse Isolation Relays

TransData Isolation Relays protect energy meters, SCADA – EMS and data telemetry equipment from transmitted surge damage by electrically isolating the copper Pulse Input/Output wiring path. Isolation Relays are ideal for use in substation and industrial revenue metering applications.

A9U Optical Probe ADJ

Optical Probes

ANSI type 2 optical probes utilize infra-red LED technology that provides a galvanically isolated, bi-directional communications interface between energy meters and laptop computers or handheld devices for onsite data retrieval, programming and diagnostics. Available models include the A9U optical probe with USB connector and the A6U optical probes with a 9-pin serial interface connector.

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