Metering Isolation Relays

Advanced Surge Protection for Metering Installations
TransData Isolation Relays provide surge protection for energy metering installations by electrically isolating the pulse input/output wiring path to protect electricity meters, network components, energy management systems and recording devices from damage caused by transmitted or induced electrical surges.

For specialized energy metering applications, TransData IB6 Isolation Relays have the ability to replicate (split) a single pulse initiator input into two or three data streams for multiple device monitoring or recording of energy data.
Isolation Relays Product Highlights:
Designed for Commercial-Industrial, Substation and Generation Applications
Recommended for Lightning Prone Areas and Substations with Poor Grounding
Surge Protection for Metering Installations with Pulse Input/Output Data
All Solid-State and Mercury-Wetted Models Available
IB6-36 relay
IB6-24 Relay
Intelligent, Smart Grid Energy Metering Technologies for Utilities and Industry Spanning Six Decades