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ABACUS ELECTRICS UK, designed and manufactured specialist electronic instruments for a variety of industries between 1977 and 2019.Since 1993 ABACUS ELECTRICS manufactured optical probes for reading and programming electricity and gas tariff meters 

The de-regulation of Electricity and Gas supply has encouraged the use of intelligent tariff meters - smart meters - that can be read electronically. ABACUS ELECTRICS optical probes are bi-directional communications devices utilizing infra-red light. Connecting to a computer or hand-held terminal they permit galvanically isolated communication with electricity and gas smart meters.

The Abacus A9U ANSI Type 2 probe model A9U-P-U04M-2A is used with electric utility meters designed to the American National Standard ANSI C12.18-2006 (also Australian Standard AS 1284.10.2-2006).The ABACUS ELECTRICS probes have a new home with TransData Inc. and they are manufactured and offered for sale directly from the TransData Dallas, TX factory. 

The Abacus F9U IEC probe model F9U-P-U04M-2 is used with tariff meters with optical ports designed to the European IEC62056-21:2002 standard (formerly the IEC1107:1996 standard). Probes of this type are used with electricity meters throughout Europe and with gas meters/volume correctors worldwide.

All of TransData’s Abacus® Optical Communications Probes utilize an infra-red LED technology to provide a galvanically isolated, bi-directional communications link between computers and electric utility meters for obtaining meter data, performing site diagnostics and making programming changes. Abacus Optical Probes are renowned throughout the electric utility industry for their superior reliability and capability of interfacing with the widest variety of electric utility meters.
A9U part # 44A0038
F9U part # 44A0080
A6Z part # 44A0039
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