2130 Portable Automated Meter Test Set with Internal Standard

The Most Precise Means for On-site Certification of High-Accuracy Transformer-Rated Revenue Metering Installations & Analog Transducers



Weighing 35 pounds, the TransData Model 2130 is a fully automated, self-contained meter test bench with built-in sources and high-accuracy reference standard. The 2130 is designed for performing on-site accuracy testing and revenue certification of high-accuracy energy meters to meet rigorous PUC, ISO and Sarbanes Oxley testing requirements.

Based on industry preferred ''Active Testing Methodology'' the 2130’s built-in current and voltage sources generate extremely precise sine wave test signals that provide accurate and repeatable meter test results; especially on loss compensated meters.

Revenue Meter Test Set Highlights:
  • Precision Internal Current (0-30 Amps) and Voltage (0-600 Volts) Sources
  • Internal ±0.025% High-Accuracy Multifunction Reference Standard
  • KWh, KVARh, KQh, Volthours, V2h, Amphours and A2h Accuracy Testing
  • Computer Controlled with Menu Driven Test Routines, Windows Operating System
  • Performs Automated Series, Per Phase, Power Factor and Load Range Accuracy Tests
  • Superior Stability Permits Accurate Testing of Loss Compensated Meters
  • Available Infra-red LED, Disk Sensor and KYZ Pick-ups
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