2130 Portable Automated Meter Test Set with Internal Standard

The Most Precise Means for On-site Certification of High-Accuracy Transformer-Rated Revenue Metering Installations & Analog Transducers
Manufactured and Tested in the United States of America
Weighing 35 pounds, the TransData Model 2130 is a fully automated, self-contained meter test bench with built-in sources and high-accuracy reference standard. The 2130 is designed for performing on-site accuracy testing and revenue certification of high-accuracy energy meters to meet rigorous PUC, ISO and Sarbanes Oxley testing requirements.
Based on industry preferred ''Active Testing Methodology'' the 2130’s built-in current and voltage sources generate extremely precise sine wave test signals that provide accurate and repeatable meter test results; especially on loss compensated meters.
Revenue Meter Test Set Highlights:
Precision Internal Current (0-30 Amps) and Voltage (0-600 Volts) Sources
Internal ±0.025% High-Accuracy Multifunction Reference Standard
KWh, KVARh, KQh, Volthours, V2h, Amphours and A2h Accuracy Testing
Computer Controlled with Menu Driven Test Routines, Windows Operating System
Performs Automated Series, Per Phase, Power Factor and Load Range Accuracy Tests
Superior Stability Permits Accurate Testing of Loss Compensated Meters
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